diondo d3

Ultimate flexibility in a compact footprint    

The diondo d3 provides a market leading flexibility and versatility to footprint ratio. The selection of X-ray sources in combination with up to 8 axis manipulation including the Infinitely variable Source Detector Distance lead to unprecedented range of options.
Users benefit from the latest technologies and access to the most innovative X-ray sources that not only combine high resolution and high energies in one CT system but also enable them to do so at the same time.


  • High energy High resolution High versatility

    Extensive range of applications from microCT to high-energy CT due to dual tube configuration

  • Coordinate Measuring Technology

    Reproducible 3D measurement technology for highest demands in accordance with VDI/VDE 2630-1.3

  • Outstanding flexibility

    Seamless switches between radioscopy, micro CT, and high-power CT provide outstanding flexibility and the creation of individual inspection processes.



  • Infinitely variable Source Detector Distance

    combined with progressive 3K Paneltechnology for maximum resolution and scan speeds

  • Multi-Axis Granit Manipulator

    Maximum versatility through up to 8 manipulation axes on a temperature stable and high precision granite base.

  • Large inspection envelope

    by diverse field-of-view extensions, helical and dual-helical CT techniques




Micro Focus Tube

225 / 240 / 300 / 320 [kV]

Mini Focus Tube

450 [kV]

Meso Focus Tube

450 [kV]



3.000 x 3.000 px, 139 [µm]

Focus-Detector-Distance, Micro Focus Tube

400 - 1250 [mm]

Focus-Detector-Distance, Mini/Meso Focus Tube

650 - 1500 [mm]

Scan Volume

Ø 330 x 275 H [mm]

Scan Volume, maximum

Ø 600 x 870 H [mm]

Ø 330 x 1000 H [mm]

Sample Weight

100 [kg]

System Dimensions

L 3.500 x B 2.300 x H 2.700 [mm]

System weight

24 [t]

diControl Features

DR-Funktion, di Scatter, Scan Enhancement, Multiline CT, Daily Check, Health Monitor, Helix CT, Batch Mode, Offset CT, Limited Angle CT, di Planar


granitbasiert, 7 / 8 Achsen,

Data in accordance with default configuration.
Customized adjustements are available on request. 

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